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Security Analyst Skills - Pt. 1 - Investigating Domains With URLScan

    Does This Look Infected?           A lot of folks are interested in getting started in security (Infosec) and aren’t sure how to spend study time. Some do what I did for a few years and just read every security related thing they can come across. Not a bad thing to do if you ask me. Though much of it was advice to CISOs and policy stuff, as well as best practices (A LOT of best practices), this has been very useful to me when it comes to helping folks figure out what to be scared of and why.            99% of security posts I see on the web are devoted to ‘red teaming’/hacking stuff or how to secure your systems. Most folks start out in a 'blue team' or defense role as an analyst rather than offense as a penetration tester since these tend to be the most junior and most plentiful positions. Over this blog series, I’ll try to teach you the main analyst skills, methods, and kinds of thinking you’ll need. The goal is that when you finish this blog series, you'll know all t

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